10 wickets you haven’t seen from Shoaib Akhtar vs clueless Aussies


Check out number 10 at the end, how unlucky was that?!?!?!?


  1. bucknor was the umpire.What do you expect. The last one was as plumb as it gets.Denied Shoaib what would have been his only hat trick.

  2. With bowlers like Akhtar, Waseem and Waqar bowling at you, Australia still manages to score over 450? Tells you of the kind of quality team Australia was back then!

  3. Dodgy decision on the last ball to McGrath – I’d have given him out.
    Shoaib Akthar was always fun to watch because from nowhere he’d find some of the absolute best fast bowling ever seen (consecutive Yorkers to Dravid and Tendulkar, anyone?), especially the Pakistani trademark in-swinging Yorkers. Unfortunately for Shoiab though, those moments of greatness were just a little lost in more average bowling. That said I’d rather have him in my team than not.

  4. Steve Buckner- the 12th player of australia against any asian team. One must check Australian record when Buckner was not the umpire. U guys ll be surprised for sure.