1000th duck in ODI cricket – MAGIC FIELDING TOO!


Desmond Haynes run out by Greg Matthews, spectacular effort!!!! 1993 2nd final Australia vs West Indies MCG.


  1. By today’s rules, that would’ve been given out if he had *successfully* come between the ball and the stumps, as he was trying to do..

  2. indeed. we are blessed with this wonderful resource called THE INTERNET yet people are dumber than ever. The answers are there for anyone with some initiative and a willingness to actually GET OFF THEIR LAZY ASSES!

  3. Exactly, like finding out that Brian Lara was the 150th batsman to be run out in a ODI coming in at no.3 – vs Australia at Brisbane, 12th Jan 1992.

  4. And believe it or not, Brian Lara was also the 150th batsman coming in at no.4 to be dismissed run out! Against South Africa, Cape Town, 17th Feb 1993

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