13 humiliating run outs of Sachin Tendulkar.


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  1. he likes to steal quick singles and therefore commits way too much. At the other end of the tunnel, there are some spectacular conversions of singles into doubles and doubles into triples by sachin. Cant forget how he used to put pressure on the fielders at the boundaries during the middle overs, when he would hit them softly and dash away for a double. When you want to learn judo, get ready to break some bones… These kind of runouts should be swallowed like a bitter pill..

  2. A low quality arrogant mediocre cricketer propped up by the powers that be of the Indian establishment. One of the most overrated cricketers ever

  3. sachin always in search of runs, but other piggy players just can’t push themselves. apart from sachin all indians are worst runners at that time, thank god times where changed and Indian team’s fitness has improved. sachin didn’t care about his average! look at how he is running for every run at the end of match, he always played for the team. great player, a legend.

  4. That last one was in the first odi following that spectacular test series in 2001, n laxman the lazy turtle that he is didn’t run for the second lol