6 Jonty Rhodes miracle cricket catches


Spent 8 hours today watching over 100 Jonty Rhodes catches from his career, I compiled a few nice ones for your viewing pleasure, E N J O Y.


  1. This man had made people believe that fielding plays a pivotal role in winning cricket matches.what a well made video.this video has mostly covered the heroics of jonty showed on a cricket field.

  2. Super player, Rhodes. His fielding was pretty much the gold standard of the era. I know there were other guys too but this bloke was special.

  3. #Jonty is the only player in cricket who has no competition. There are hosts of competitions and disagreements (among experts/fans) on the best bowler/batsman. This man is legend!
    I remember Geoffrey Boycott commentating, “that doesn’t matter if he makes 20 runs through batting, the scoreboard should also consider adding 20-30 runs that he saves during ground fielding.”

  4. Today’s cricket is missing the characters we had in the 90’s and early 00’s. Each of them unique and genius in his own way. There was Jonty for fielding, shane warne with his big leg spin, Bevan the ultimate saviour, Mcgrath with his typical outswing, akram with his toe crushers, sachin’s batting, lara’s high backlift, Shoaib’s big runup, Saurav’s cover drive, paul adam’s strange bowling action, jayasuriya’s opening and i can go on. Today everyone looks and plays similar game, bowls the same and fields the same. Little originality is left. I miss that kind of cricket.