Dean Jones hits 103 *AGAINST* Australia at the MCG. @ProfDeano


The great Victorian legend Dean Jones, on a dicey MCG pitch in 1996 makes a ton against the team he should’ve been playing for. Australia’s 1996 World Cup could’ve had a different ending if Deano have been picked in the squad. That ridiculous LBW decision he got at the SCG for Australia A vs WI sealed his fate.


  1. Dean Jones’ omission was one of the most ridiculous decisions ever made in cricket. He was barely 30-31, at the peak of his career, when they just sacked him for no reason. Then he made a comeback in ’93 tri-series won them a few matches but they dropped him again. His sacking in tests was as bad. They couldn’t even find a proper replacement for him.

  2. I went to this game! What an awesome knock by Deano. I remember this was also meant to have doubled as a World Cup celebration for the Aussies.

  3. I was there that day too – Deano had never made 100 in Melb so it was really special. I remember getting excited when I thought he got 100 and my mate screamed “Sit down you idiot, it’s leg byes”!!