Hawkeye drunk or crying Indians?? Kumble vs Symonds vs Bucknor 2008


Anil Kumble on a hat trick…..


  1. Hawkeye was completely correct. Look at how high it got up to the role of
    his pad. The cameras are very good at determining speed of ball and
    position of impact. The rest is simple projectile motion physics.

  2. It looked high in real time, it looked high in the replay and hawkeye said
    it was too high. What’s the problem?

  3. that’s as plumb as you get. if you cant see the actual impact at 0:53 then
    you should stop watching cricket altogether because your definitely blind.

  4. As big a fan of Andrew Symonds and as Australian as I am… I’d have given
    that out. But I’d bet if you didn’t show Hawkeye and showed it in real time
    to a room of 100 umpires, about 50 would have said not out.