India bowls Australia out for 93 – 4th test 2004.


India cried like pathetic madarchods after losing the series to the big bad Aussies, so in true sportsmanship spirit they produced a pitch that closely resembled two thousand pieces of cow shit and hand rolled by 3 drunk homeless men. Abysmal surface for cricket but hey that’s how the the shit goes down in India, the Land Of Cheating.


  1. I remember this Series
    Two People made the Difference for me
    Damien Martyn, Who Tackled the Indian Spinners Magnificently, Best That I Have Ever Seen
    And Parthiv Patel, with his Clueless WicketKeeping.

    With Dhoni or Dinesh Karthik We would have saved the ‘Final Frontier’.

  2. Unfortunately, Australia, NZ, England, SA, Pakistan, SL and others have better spin bowling than India nowadays. It would be much better for India to prepare pitches more conducive to pace bowling than spin. It’s not like they have Bedi, Chandra, Prasanna or Venkat anymore. Give the young fast bowlers a go. And oh BTW, if DRS was in effect in the recently concluded series against SL, India would have won 3-0. What’s with this idiotic BCCI? They are starting to think like Gavaskar and Shastri who want some like a Stuart Binny in an INDIAN TEST TEAM????? Idiots…simply morons…Roger Binny, no offense, but your son deserves to be in an Indian Test team AS MUCH as Rohan Gavaskar. Idiotic.

  3. i was in 5 th standard and cameback home when the Australian innings started and what followed was one of the most happiest and enjoyable moments in my life

  4. Saale bhosdike maa chodd dungaa teri main smjha. Saale suar ke pile. Teri randi maa ko uss raat nahi chudwana chahiye thaa.
    Sharam nahi aati aisa discription likhte hue.