Twice out in 2 balls, but NOT OUT both times!


World Cup 1992, golden moment!


  1. Reminds me of just how bad umpires used to be. God, today we are almost
    blessed having DRS and better umpires. Stupid BCCI not using DRS. Why
    anyone puts up with that bullshit is beyond me. Nobody else has a problem
    with it and both them and England would have benefited from it this series.

  2. They were absolutely stooged at that World Cup the South Africans, but I
    was so glad that Pakistan didn’t choke & denied England what would’ve been
    a bullshit World Cup win.

  3. Hi rob. I haven’t seen any mention of Tom recently and wondered how he’s
    doing? Hope he and your family are all doing good mate. Thanks for another
    cool upload as well, All the best mate,.