Slowest Indian ODI innings, 10 off 63 balls, Ravi Shastri TRACER BULLET BATTING


10 off 63 balls, what a joke, just like his commentary. LOL, as i typing this Pakistan are raping the shit out of India’s top order, 5/29! Sehwag bowled, as usual, showing as much footwork as a legless beggar……JUNAID KHAN ZINDABAD!!!!


  1. I used to get really pissed off with Rob for his caustic titles and deliberate trolling of Indians. But I think I finally get him after I tried commenting on internet forums. There is so much hate out there and even worse, gallons of stupidity . We should all be grateful for what this man has contributed and accomplished in terms of archiving cricketing videos over god knows how many years, taking the time to trawl and sift through all that material and providing rare gems for our viewing. If i take the pains to do that and come across some ignorant twat with an internet connection abusing me and imposing his prejudices on me (whatever his nationality may be), I am going to get fucking pissed. I have also found so many of his videos trolling Pakistanis, Australians, South Africans etc and he is definitely not biased. I am an Indian and I know that my fellow countrymen and youtube commenters in general can be hugely annoying and these titles are his way of getting back at those idiots. I understand and endorse that completely 😀 . Keep up the good work Rob! Don’t let the haters get to you. And this is coming from an Indian.

  2. LOL tracer bullet 10 off 63. Yet when he commentates he acts like he used to be some special player. Only thing tracer bullet about him is his big mouth. Shut yo face Shastri.

  3. I seriously doubt if this batsman really hit 6 sixes in an over. Pathetic, selfish batsman who played for his personal milestones. He was often booed for his sluggish batting on his homeground Wankhede Stadium and I was one of those booers. Not that he is great behind mic, I hate his monotonous boring commentary over the years. He should have seriously stuck a tracer bullet up his @$$.